As the wedding industry continues to grow, having the wedding of your dreams can quickly become incredibly expensive. However, you can cut your venue costs drastically by renting a large event tent and throwing a party on a piece of land. Whether you want a casual setting or an elegant wedding, you can benefit from these tips for making your tent wedding a success.

Choose the Right Tent

While there’s no right or wrong answer when choosing a tent, there are many styles and sizes to ponder. The number of expected guests is the first thing to consider before deciding on your tent model, but the style is a close second. Before contacting a rental company, prepare a relatively precise guest list to ensure enough space for comfort and fun.

Pro Tip: A clear top tent makes for an elegant wedding and gives your event a modern but sleek look.

Consider the Weather

When you plan an outdoor event, the weather is always a factor. The expected forecast may look perfect for your day, but it can always take a turn for the worse at the last second. Therefore, having a plan for unpredictable weather is vital for a successful tent wedding.

Consider requesting the tent wall paneling just in case you need to keep your guests out of the rain. If you’re expecting excess heat or a cold front, think about renting a heating or air conditioning unit for the tent to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Design and Décor Dreams

Although you might not think you can execute your design and décor dreams in a tent, there are many options to make the tent look and feel extra special for your big day. For example, using fresh flowers around the entire tent can help pull everything together. Additionally, consider incorporating various engagement photos into your table centerpieces for a personal touch.

If you plan to use chairs that aren’t grass-friendly, you may benefit from looking into tent flooring options for your event. Lastly, hanging string lights around the inside of the tent is the ultimate way to provide necessary lighting to party well into the night.

Have a Plan for Bugs

Bugs are inevitable during an outdoor summer event; however, you can do your best to keep them away from your tent. Consider burning citronella candles outside the tent and running a few fans inside to keep the air moving. Of course, the wall paneling can help keep them out, but it’s not a surefire solution. Provide bug spray for your guests to combat any insects that enter the tent.

Knowing these tips for making your tent wedding a success is imperative for creating the perfect space for the most memorable and special day of your life. Your guests will appreciate your efforts to make the experience as comfortable as possible, and you’ll enjoy the entire day without reservation. Happy planning!

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