Before taking real estate photos, you must stage your home! You want to entice potential buyers while keeping a professional look to your space. If you’re taking your own real estate photos or want help arranging your home, check out our tips on staging your home for real estate photos today!

No Visual Clutter

The first tip for staging your home is removing visual clutter. Although you want to sell the “homey” aspect of your space, it’s best to adopt a minimalist mindset. Store away personal items like family photos and remove some of your furniture. Some professional home stagers recommend removing a third of your furniture. Doing so will allow potential buyers to gain a more accurate perception of the space.

Use Natural Lighting

Natural daylight is ideal for home staging pictures, especially if you’re taking them yourself. When you use natural lighting, it allows buyers to see interior details. It’s also important to note that different times of day can affect the look of the photos. For example, the afternoon sun can make images look overexposed. Therefore, it’s best to take pictures in the morning or when direct sunlight is not blaring through your windows.

Pay Attention to Small Details

The small details matter when it comes to staging your home for photos. Doing things like closing toilet seats, wiping counter spaces, and straightening décor will improve your pictures. It will make your rooms look neat while avoiding a fixation on one aspect. You can take mock photos to find areas where you need to clean or remove items before taking the final real estate pictures.

Keep Potential Buyers in Mind

When staging your home, it’s best to keep potential buyers in mind. What do they want to see? What will sell your home? Typically, when people go house hunting, they want to imagine their lifestyle in the space. Therefore, you should add elements that entice people. For example, setting up a home office is among the best interior design trends for home staging because it allows you to display the multifunctionality of a space.

Potential buyers will want to see your space when you put your home on the market. Therefore, you must take real estate photos. But before you start snapping pictures, you must set up the perfect shot! We hope our tips on staging your home for real estate photos were helpful to you.

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