Every fashionista’s wardrobe features a range of dresses. Many people deemed them a girly outfit choice for a while, falling under the gendered stigma of innocent and cute essences. Now, dresses break away from the stereotypical embodiment. To some, they even signify feminine empowerment, taking a stand that dresses don’t create limitations.

Compared to other clothing pieces, dresses offer the most versatile looks, create one-and-done outfits, and embody numerous style aesthetics. They work for numerous occasions and come in various forms. Here are the top three basic must-have dresses everyone should own.

Flowy Day Dress

Flowy day dresses create the ultimate summer and spring outfit, especially when sporting floral patterns. They provide maximum mobility and breathability. Compared to tight-fitted dresses, flowy ones make a more daytime and textured outfit.

This year, prairie dresses are the most trendy dresses on the market. They style down-to-earth outfits and make anyone wearing them feel like a cottage-dwelling storybook princess. One of the best ways to style a flowy day dress includes pairing them with sneakers—like high-tops—a jacket, and a hat.

Sophisticated Midi

For years, little black dresses reigned as the go-to night-out dress. However, nowadays, a sophisticated midi, typically a bodycon, stands in the limelight. Their mid-length structure creates a formalized look and accentuates curvy hips. Bodycon midis add a touch of flirtation to the aesthetic, making it a great social dress.

Adding a pair of heels to the mix embellishes its formality and sexiness, creating the ultimate night-out fit. Midi dresses also come in numerous variations, featuring different versions with cutouts, varying straps, slits, and patterns.

Simple Maxi Dress

Every wardrobe must feature at least one simple maxi dress. Depending on how you style and accessorize them, plain maxis create both casual and formal looks. Like most clothing pieces, maxis come in countless design variations. They vary in sleeves, fitting, and material.

Basic maxis feature one solid color and length but diversify in cutting, structure, and additional features, like sleeves and straps. Their simplicity allows you to explore various styling options and work with a wide range of other fashion elements, such as accessories, hairstyles, and shoes.

These top three dress types provide different functionality, making them must-have additions to your closet. Day dresses give you a casual, summery outfit. Also, sophisticated midis add a social and flirty clothing item into your wardrobe’s mix. And simple maxi dresses pair you with a fun piece to get creative with and style in any way you desire. Instead of conforming people to stereotypical gender assumptions, dresses now stand as another means to explore your creative eye and ideas of self-expression without stigmatized limitations.

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