It’s never too early to take a sneak peek at the upcoming fashion season. It’s safe to say that 2023 will bring heat to the fashion world and will go down in fashion history. Spring 2023 has a few gems, from elevated, everyday wear to sheer tops and the option to not wear pants. However, to help narrow in on the top trends, here are the top fashion trends to look out for in spring 2023.

Swap Your Stripes for Dots

For years, stripes ruled the fashion community, and they’ll continue to stick around modestly. However, designers like Burberry and Saint Laurent have shown that there’s a new pattern in town: polka dots. Swap your stripes for something more fun and eclectic in the upcoming season.

It’s Time To Be Romantic

If you’re on TikTok, you know all the rage right now is balletcore. Designers have shown their hand in the trend by bringing back pastel pink ballet flats, sheer tights under tennis skirts, and off-the-shoulder knit sweaters.

Show off your romantic balletcore style with a cropped sweater, a miniskirt or maxi-skirt, and ballet flats paired with a nice headband.

Blair Waldorf Approved

Hello Upper East Side. Show off your latest fashion by wearing something Blair Waldorf would gawk at. Preppy styles with a unique twist are a fashion trend to look out for in spring 2023. A-line dresses with a dramatic flair, matching sets adorned with designer branding, and classic white collared tops are must-haves in the upcoming season. Xoxo FabUPlus.

Women in Shining Armor

Stand out in your metallics and armor in the spring. Whether you wear breastplates with arm cuffs and an oversized jacket or an iridescent bustier top with vintage jeans and mule heels, you will catch the eyes of everyone in the room. This trend is a staple for nightlife, and all the IT girls in New York, LA, and Miami are taking advantage of this unique but flattering trend.

Not a Match, but Who Cares

This trend embodies the definition of color-blocking and takes it to another level. If it doesn’t match, who cares? Shade mixing and combining monochromatic colors with mismatched accessories and shoes is the main character this spring. Your accessories and shoes can completely change the overall look of your outfit when you pair them with stand-out colors like orange, red, green, and blue.

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