How long have you been biking?
I have been biking since I was 6 years old, but it didn’t become a passion until 5 years ago.

How did you start/get involved with mountain biking?
I have always enjoyed biking, and when I moved to Port Coquitlam I discovered that there are some great trails to ride so I started biking. Port Coquitlam’s bike routes offer something for every skill level—from wide, flat paved lanes to winding forest paths— and they connect to major amenities and business centres, making it a convenient way to get around the city.

What do you love most about biking?
I like the solitude, the only time that I can really be alone with my thoughts. When you are a full time working mother of two, the days are often filled with demands for my time. Biking allows me to have a temporary mini getaway.

How do you feel when you are biking?
I feel relaxed, energetic. The time I spend biking rejuvenates me and enables me to better handle the pressures of work and family.

What are some of your major milestones that you have achieved while biking?
Biking isn’t always goal oriented. For me, I always feel good when I go on a new trail or when I go on a trail I haven’t gone on in a long time

What are some of your pet peeves while you are biking?
Off leash dogs!! Most cities require (by law) all dogs to be on leash in parks and open spaces…. however this rule is not enforced and often not followed.

What was the best adventure you have had biking?
I was fortunate enough to spend sometime in Whistler British Columbia this year on my wedding anniversary. The trail riding in Whistler was simply amazing. Not only was the scenery spectacular, I really challenged myself. I didn’t think I could do all of those hills but I did and I really enjoyed it.

What are some of the challenges you have had to overcome in order to bike?
Time, finding time for myself and making the time to fit it in. You have to be selfish in order to take the time for yourself and I often feel guilty about that.

What is some advice you have for someone who might want to give biking a try?
Get a bike that fits you well and that you are comfortable with, start off with small rides and work your way up to longer distances.

What keeps you motivated to keep biking?
I always feel energetic when I do exercise on a regular basis, and biking is one exercise that I really enjoy doing. I never get bored biking, even if I do the same trail all the time.

How has biking shaped the person you are today?
Biking for sure keeps me athletic, and has shaped me to be an athletic person.

Outside of mountain biking, Leslie enjoys hiking with her family and the great outdoors. She loves to read and listen to music in her spare time (which she shared with us is not that often) Leslie’s ability to get things done, even when time is a crunch enables her to enjoy her passion wholeheartedly. When asked what makes you FabUplus, why my sense of humor of course!!

Thank you for sharing your passion with us Leslie. If you would like to join our curvy community and share with us what makes you FabUplus, please drop us a line at

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