The truth about the weight you REALLY need to lose

Kaare Long  

There is a voice in my head. It is a constant monologue of “should”s and “should not”s: “You shouldn’t eat that cookie;” “You should work out more;” “ You shouldn’t wear that because it makes you look fat;” “You shouldn’t even bother trying on a bikini, it’s going to look gross anyway;” “You should maybe just stop eating for a month”… BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…

Have you ever heard a voice like that, saying things like that to you?

Those voices, those programmed bits of nonsense are the real weight you need to lose. But how do you go about losing years of conditioning?  

LISTEN to those voices. 

Yes, listen. Listen and observe rather than believe and react. The logic and value of this is undeniable. There is a saying, “What you resist, persists;” when you resist a thought or a feeling and judge it as wrong or unacceptable, you are not letting it go, you are doing the opposite – you are repressing and stuffing it deeper down and end up carrying it around with you as “extra weight.”

Wouldn’t you rather put down that weight once and for all rather than continue to have to deal with it and drag it around everywhere you go? The obstacle we often face when learning how to love who we are, is that we tend to “disallow” any negativity by stepping on it as soon as we see it as we would an unwelcome bug. This seems like the right thing to do, but true healing is not about stopping, true healing is about releasing, surrendering and re-building upon a stable foundation. 

This is the ONLY diet you need – when you listen and allow, you tap into your infinite wisdom and find the healthy, vibrant you that has been trapped for so long under pounds and pounds of emotional weight. Then you will start to see the truth about you – the truth about how truly beautiful you are no matter what your shape or size. Beauty is in us to be – but we have to believe that we are beautiful first. 

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