Everyone loves getting gifts! Giving out party favors at your baby shower shows your guests how much you appreciate their support and attendance. Here are some unique party favors to give out at your baby shower!

Personalized Wine Glasses

Help your guests toast to your new baby by giving out personalized wine glasses! Although it may seem easier to order them online, you could DIY with your girlfriends. Make a night of it! Your guests will appreciate your effort, and it may help lower the stress of planning the shower.

“Plantable” Recycled Paper

If you’re hoping to give out eco-friendly products, plantable paper is the party favor for you. The plantable paper contains flower seeds that your guests can put in their favorite flowerpot to grow beautiful flowers in honor of your newborn! Give this fun DIY project a try!

Customized Pizza Cutters

Who doesn’t love a good pizza gadget?! Surprise your guests with a mini customized pizza cutter that they can use for all their pizza-cutting needs. Be sure to include your baby’s name and baby shower date! They’ll never see this party favor coming.

Handmade Letter Keychains

Another creative and cost-effective DIY project you can do for your guests is to make letter keychains out of resin. Using resin to create a plethora of products has gained popularity for its level of personalization and pure fun! Take a look at your guest list, and make some cute keychains to thank your guests for their support.

Lavender Sachets

This party favor will help your guests manage their excitement for your new baby! Lavender sachets are great party favors because they’re easy to make, and you can place them almost anywhere to provide a relaxing scent.

Hair Ties

A simple yet efficient party favor you can give out is a hair tie with a fun color or design. You can order hair ties online and wrap them in a special band with your baby’s name on it! Your guests can wear them as cute bracelets or keep them in their cars for an emergency hair tie!

All-Natural Soap

Gift your guests with a pleasant-smelling soap that they can use at home. Not only will they love the scent, but they’ll also love experiencing the healthy skin benefits of all-natural soap. You can choose to handmake your soap using natural ingredients or order them online from a small business!

Instead of giving out cookies or something they’ll run through quickly, throw a memorable baby shower, and give your guests something they can use and keep! Now that you’ve learned some unique party favors to give out at your baby shower, you’re ready to party!

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