Unmasked Beauty

by Ruby Roxx

Ruby Roxx Unmasked BeautyWould you ever leave your house makeup-free? For some people, this question instantly brings up huge anxieties. But it’s popping up in recent trends such as #NoMakeupSelfies and Alicia Keys deciding to ditch her makeup for TV and red carpet appearances.

I, for one, love my makeup. I love playing with colours, expressing myself through different looks, and getting glammed up for a photoshoot or event. I also love not wearing any makeup. The less I wear makeup, the better my skin looks and the less makeup I have to wear. In fact, in recent years, I’ve found myself going without it most days, as opposed to years ago when I wouldn’t think of leaving the house without it.

If you’re intrigued by this trend, make a start by taking baby steps toward going makeup-free. Perhaps this might start with something as small as walking around the block without makeup, working up to running errands without makeup, and finally attending a social event without makeup, or maybe just minimal makeup.

Minimal makeup is an easy feat to accomplish. Don’t be overcritical of yourself. Sometimes a good moisturizer and eye cream can help improve the way your skin looks in an instant. One of my favorite minimal makeup looks is a BB Cream with SPF, a coat of mascara, and a swipe of lip gloss. It only takes two minutes, it lets my natural, beautiful qualities shine through, and it helps keep my skin looking great.

Next time you wash your makeup off, take a moment and look at yourself in the mirror. What are the things you see that make you unique? That mole on your cheek. That scar above your eyebrow from when you were a kid. Your freckles that shine through in the sun. Your laugh lines from a lifetime of smiles. Appreciate those things. Those are what make you YOU, and that is the beauty this world wants, and needs, to see more of.


Ruby Roxx
Instagram @vanrubyroxx

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