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Kari Kemp’s Most Valuable Advice for a Workout – FabUplus Magazine

Kari Kemp’s Most Valuable Advice for a Workout


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A plus-sized model, Kari Kemp finds passion in playing sports, preferably volleyball and badminton, and working out. She likes to workout four to five times per week and then reinforces it with sports. If her days have a 30- to 45-minute workout, she is more than happy. For Kemp, her workouts aren’t about weight loss, but being her best self.  

Jayely Photography

Kemp believes that sharing time with loved ones is the most valuable thing in life. It’s something you will never get back, no matter how much money you have, so don’t settle for life, live it,” says Kemp. Do what makes you sparkle and what sets your soul on fire. 

By Antoine Airoldi  

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