A Voice in The Plus Size Fashion Industry. 

By: Angelique Robles 

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With a passion for empowering women and a flare for fashion, Alissa Wilson decided to start a blog in Brooklyn New York in May 2009. She saw that there was a lack of websites offering “where to”  shop and “how to” shop and decided that she would follow her passion and create  

a stylish, trendy, and informative cyber space to help other plus size fashionistas get the tips and tricks they needed! 

With 8 years of fashion retail under her carefully thought out belt, Alissa began to bridge the gap between straight sizes and plus sizes. Ever heard the phrase, anything you can do I can do better? Well, thats Alissa Wilson! Expect maybe add some fabulous shoes and accessories along with it. Alissa would take celebrity outfits and styles and show her readers that plus size women, like herself, can find the same outfit and look just as fabulous wearing it! StylishCurves.Com aims to give the curvy voluptuous woman a different perspective of fashion by showing them how to shop within and outside the plus size realm to get celebrity inspired looks and to create their own style.  

plus fashionWhile walking down the streets in Brooklyn, Alissa would constantly get stopped and asked about her wardrobe. Seeing that there was a need to share her style and fashionable knowledge she decided to become a voice for plus size women in the fashion industry. A voice that not only teaches you where to shop and how to shop, but a voice that teaches you how to be confident and secure inside your beautiful plus size body. 

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