Wardrobe Wednesday – Exploring the Best Spring 2018 Trends for Plus-Size Women!

Curvy women and those on the plus side often find new ways to interpret fashion trends. Since spring 2018 trends were revealed a while back, this is just the perfect time to pick trends that will work well for women across all ages and sizes. In this post, we will take a look at the spring 2018 trends that are perfect for the curvy woman in you. Let’s get started.

Wear a suit: You are the woman who rules the boardroom meetings with the same ease as you would walk in for a date. Of course, you need a few of the power suits, and designers know that. Top names like Victoria Beckham and Tibi worked with the power suit in a number of ways, adding more elements to the silhouette. From the simple gray shades to more masculine elements, this is the trend that you can wear in unique ways for all days of the spring.

Get those overcoats out: Don’t feel comfortable in those short dresses or want to wear the cropped tops like a pro? Well, you need to get your hands on one of the overcoats that were spotted at Victoria Beckham and Rag & Bone among others. Overcoats look pretty and extremely versatile, and there are so many ways to carry them off for the spring. You can attempt any other trend underneath like a pro, which is a big plus for sure.

I love lavender: Done with pastels and pinks for spring? Well, you need to switch to lavender, which made a comeback this season in simpler yet versatile shades. Victoria Beckham did some amazing suits in the colour, while there were others like Tibi and Tom Ford too. If you are in mood for something more happening, you don’t need a lot of courage to try this trend for sure.

White is my thing: If you are the corporate lady who doesn’t have many choices in colours, you would be probably more interested in trying the softer shades, and for that, designers have come up with all-white outfits. Victoria Beckham and Dior Lee are two brands that worked with suits and coordinated outfits for the spring, and it worked big time. You don’t need to experiment a lot – Just get a white dress out and match it with a stunning overcoat to get the look together.

It is also wise to talk about micro-floral outfits that were quite effective this season and should work ideally for plus size women. These are not your big flowers and patterns, but are meant to accentuate your silhouette in more effective ways. In soft and romantic shades, these prints make an instant impact.

Hope you found the right styles, and to know more about plus-size fashion, keep checking this amazing blog!

[Images Credit: Pinterest, outfittrends.com, and pluslook.eu]

Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and style expert for the House Of Elegance Fashion. She is also the chief editor for the blog and has worked with some of the leading portals as their guest author.

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