Fashion Do’s: Faux Fur 

Elizabeth McGuffin 

Blogger outfit roundup of ways to faux fur for the holidays 


The holidays can feel like open season on women’s bodies and wardrobe choices. It’s challenging to stay in the holiday spirit when one aunt scolds you for that second cupcake, and another asks where you got the ‘courage’ to wear that outfit. 


My advice during these times is to use social media as a respite. Populate your media feeds with accounts that inspire you to use your voice, embrace the body you have now, and participate in life. Drown out the rude remarks with encouraging ones that cheer you on, not put you down. 


Eat that second cupcake, and don’t apologize for it. And wear that outfit with confidence. Tell your aunt that no one’s stopping you from wearing it, and maybe she shouldn’t stop herself any longer either. Dressing your body shouldn’t be an act of courage. It should be an act of self-expression and self-care. Four fashion bloggers show us how it’s done, wearing one of the hottest trends of the season: faux fur. Luxuriate in this decadent fabric but even more in your choice to sleigh this holiday season! 

Malori Clark of A Walk Through My Closet cozies up in a faux fur vest and shirt speckled with snow in this fetching winter ensemble. plus fashion  
Leslie Meyer of Style of Leslie shows how a chic fur stole adds the perfect finishing touch to this rich and dramatic holiday look. 

 plus fashion


Stephanie Nadia of Stephanie Nadia is ready for a night on the town in her dazzling sequin dress and daring pink fur coat. 

plus fashion 



Nicholet Deschine Parkhurst of Redstreak Girl drapes on the decadance in this luscious fur wrap and charming lace dress. 

 plus fashion




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