Parissa makes it easy to wax at home.

Are you considering waxing at home? Many people think that waxing at home is tricky but that just is not true! You’ve got this!

Just like any other beauty regimen, waxing takes a little bit of practice to learn how to do it properly. Remember the first time you put on eye shadow?

Waxing at home can work for absolutely everyone! Some products are specifically designed for sensitive skin, while others are designed for specific areas such as the bikini area or the face.

Many people think waxing hurts but it isn’t nearly as bad as you might think! Just like with tweezing your eyebrows or even shaving your legs, you will feel less discomfort each time you wax.

Other people might be concerned about the messy/sticky factor. There are a variety of at-home products to choose from that don’t make a mess! For example, wax strips are pre-lined strips that come in all different sizes. These do not require spatulas or heaters and can give you the long-lasting smooth skin you are looking for, without all the fuss. If you want to try your hand at a more traditional application but are worried about clean up, sugar waxes easily wash away with soapy water and are great for sensitive skin.

Parissa makes it easy to wax at home.

Parissa’s line of all-natural sugar waxes, wax strips and salon style waxes come with easy to follow how-to guides and video tutorials for an easy learning experience. Parissa also has in-house waxing gurus, who are available to assist you. Connect with us at

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