According to Aristotle, human beings are by nature “social animals.” What did he mean by this? Human beings thrive when they are in the company of others. No wonder many people feel depressed when they’re isolated. You need a support system for your overall well-being. Adults, especially introverted and shy ones, will say it’s easier said than done.

Making and maintaining friends requires time and effort. Unfortunately, adults don’t always have these two things due to their hectic schedules. However, a support system can save your life when you feel lonely. To help you out, here are some ways to connect with others and make friends as an adult.

Join a Community

The fastest way to make new friends is to join a community. Consider what you enjoy doing, things that matter to you the most, or things you want to explore. Then, find a group of people to do it with. Do you enjoy reading books? Why not join a book club where you can meet new people to discuss your favorite books with? If you find peace and relaxation in needlepoint, find out what to bring to a needlepoint retreat. When you join a community, you can do things you want to do and meet new people at the same time.

Accept Invitations

Currently, how many social invitations have you declined? How many excuses have you made up to avoid attending a party? Start accepting invitations for meetups, family gatherings, friend outings, or house parties. Muster up the courage to attend and talk to some people. It’s difficult to start a conversation, but an awkward “Hi” can later turn into laughter and corny jokes once you meet the right people.

Reach Out to Your Friends

Maintaining friends is difficult. Of the many friends you gained during high school, how many of them stayed connected after all these years? But know that those who stayed are for keeps. If you haven’t contacted these friends in months, now is the right time to reach out to them and exchange messages. Be active on social media and ask your friend how their day was. Later, you can schedule a meetup and catch up in person.


If you feel hollow and alone, you can try volunteering. This act of kindness will give you meaning and a purpose to keep moving forward. You can volunteer for a clean-up drive, tree planting activity, or donation drive. When you volunteer, you help the community and meet new people.

There are different ways to connect with others and make friends as an adult. Making new friends and socializing with other people is not easy, especially for adults. But you have to for the sake of your mental health. Remember that making friends is the best self-care you could ever give yourself.

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