Ways To Create Storage Space in Your Bedroom

If your bedroom is tight for space, every new purchase begs the question, “Where am I going to put this?” It can be difficult to manage enough room for every desired decoration and the essentials within the allotted space. With the help of creative storage, however, you’ll find that it’s possible to strike a balance of needed and wanted items in your bedroom without overcrowding it. Plus, there are several benefits of decluttered space that will have you adopting innovative storage habits for the rest of your home. Explore the unique ways to create storage space in your bedroom.

Go for Multifunctional Furniture

When the time comes to replace your bed frame, look for one that is multifunctional. Many furnishing manufacturers optimize their products to accommodate buyers’ need for space. A versatile bed frame has the potential to replace extra shelves or drawers in your room.

If you use a desk in your room, try to maximize the available vertical space. Stack drawers under your desk in the space that would not obstruct your leg room.

Install Overhead Shelving

To continue optimizing the vertical space of your bedroom, install overhead shelving. Whether it’s one shelf above your headboard or a custom set lining the perimeter of your room, shelf space can be an extremely helpful storage tool.

Organize your books, small plants, and any other smaller items along the border of the shelves. Creating a designated space for items you don’t use every day will relieve your room of an overabundant appearance.

Reorganize Your Closet

In learning ways to create storage space in your bedroom, you’ll find that maximizing your bedroom’s closet is inevitable. There are several approaches to reorganizing your closet that you can take.

  1. Sift through all your clothes and start a donation pile of items you no longer wear.
  2. Stock your closet based on the season! In the winter, store tanks, shorts, and summer dresses overhead or under your bed until the appropriate weather comes around to switch your repertoire.
  3. Insert a second closet rod below the existing one to provide more hanging space in your closet.

Dedicate the Time

While the idea of reorganizing your bedroom is swell, set yourself up for success by committing to a time to do so. Decluttering your personal space can be very beneficial to your mental health. By being proactive, you can create the tranquil space that you deserve.

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