Your wedding is an exciting event that you put lots of time, resources, and energy into. Amid the joy of the wedding, you have lots of stress trying to manage all the technicalities perfectly. While you may enlist the help of close friends and family, you will likely forget something along the way. Here are a few of the most common wedding details that often get overlooked.

Creating a Plan B

You want your wedding to go off without a hitch, but what if a rain shower or snowstorm impedes your progress? You book your event so far in advance that you cannot hope to know what the weather will look like. Create a plan B just in case the sky misbehaves, especially if you have an outdoor wedding. Consider important items like food, pictures, and transportation—all factors that weather can impact drastically. The last thing you want is a melted ice cream bar or a bridal party on a bus skidding across the ice.

Handling the Rings

When your significant other proposed, either they had a ring pre-sized, or you had plenty of time to resize it after the proposal. Wedding bands are much different. You have two people’s rings you must suddenly resize or reshape and receive back before the ceremony.

You also will need someone to take the rings on the wedding day and hand them to you during the ceremony. If you have a ring bearer, this person will need a way to hold and secure the rings on the way to the altar. A quick and easy solution is a ring bearer pillow with ties for each ring. That way, the friend, young child, or dog that carries the rings down will not lose them.

Preserving Your Flowers

Floral arrangements are essential during almost every part of the wedding day. The bride carries a bouquet down the aisle, and flowers serve as centerpieces at reception tables, so you can imagine how many flowers you will have on the day. While these flowers do not last forever, you want the memories of their beauty to stick with you. So instead of throwing your flowers out or returning them to your florist, find a way to preserve them after your wedding. Many services will even press, dress, and shape your bouquet into beautiful art.

Remember these wedding details that often get overlooked so that you can have the wedding of your dreams. The more time you put into the small details, the better your occasion will be. If you ever feel overwhelmed with the planning, reach out to a friend or family member to delegate tasks. Plenty of people will be willing to help.

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