After the excitement of a wedding celebration and the passion of a romantic honeymoon, it can be difficult to keep a marriage sexy. There are no rule books for keeping love alive on a daily basis after a couple is married and settled. It takes a lot of work to keep a marriage going, so here are 12 fun ways for couples to reward themselves for their success.

1 – Role Play and Fantasize

Try to role play and incorporate some lingerie. Many women do not feel comfortable engaging in role play scenarios if they do not have model bodies. Fortunately, there are stores that sell nothing but fantasy lingerie and costumes. Every woman should be able to find at least one costume to suit her tastes. Whether it’s a naughty schoolgirl, a sexy nurse or French Maid – whatever your desires, play it out once in a while. If you are a full figured woman, there are many plus size lingerie stores selling plus size costumes where you can feel free to dress up and play out your fantasies.

2 – Plan Weekly Date Nights

Keep the romance alive with a weekly date. First, you as a couple should set some ground rules for your dates. You can decide that you will always go out somewhere on your special night for example. This will make you feel like you are back in the first, exciting phase of dating again. Going on dates gives women an excuse to purchase new, fashionable clothing and full figured women have more choices now for plus size clothing and plus size dresses. Little things like this keep women feeling young and prevent them from harboring resentments about old arguments and issues in the long run. Hopefully these nights will give you an opportunity to communicate more.

3 – Have a Second or First Honeymoon

Recreate a romantic honeymoon after a significant anniversary. A woman could purchase some special lingerie just for this trip. For the sexy divas with fuller figures, why not bring out your plus size bridal lingerie again. Turning a typical vacation into a second honeymoon automatically injects extra romance into it. If you are a couple that did not have the time or money to take a proper honeymoon right after the wedding, you should make an extra effort to take that trip at some point. A honeymoon is a romantic milestone that everyone should get to experience.

4 – Stockpile on Sexy Intimate Apparel

Keep a stockpile of sexy panties for everyday wear. Nothing lets a man know that his wife is growing bored of her lifestyle faster than disinterest in her own appearance. She should be proud to wear attractive lingerie. Sometimes it is harder for women that wear 1X and more to find plus size lingerie and plus size hosiery but once you find a store or brand that suits you, incorporate some sexy plus size panties into your daily wear just for your husband to see. Now we know that not all of them are comfy but even if you wear it for a few hours in his presence, he will be delighted. Doing special things like this is an easy way for a woman to let her husband know that she is thinking of him and can still be his eye candy.

5 – Take a Road Trip

Most people never visit all of the places on their to-do lists. Not only does it force you to be together over a period of time, the sense of adventure that comes from a road trip is best experienced with a loved one. Although gas prices might deter some, it is still cheaper than flying to faraway lands. A road trip would provide another perfect opportunity to break out your sexy plus size lingerie again; the hotels and motels along the way are sure to provide perfect settings for the use of plus size fantasy lingerie.

6 – Enjoy Local Restaurants Together

Most cities have a restaurant week once or twice a year. During this time, participating restaurants offer specially priced menus, allowing new and current patrons to enjoy three-course meals every night. It is a great way to try new foods and experience the local nightlife. Some new plus size dresses and clothing could turn a restaurant week into a landmark event for the couple, who would be living the lives of socialites for a few days.

7 – Spend Some Time Away From Each Other

Designate one day per week for solo socializing. Spending some time apart is healthy for a romantic relationship. It gives both partners time to maintain their friendships and pursue their private interests. When they come back to each other, they have exciting things to talk about.

8 – Compliment Each Other

We have to learn to be generous with praise for our partners. Many times we are quick to tell each other what’s wrong and what we need to change but make the effort to compliment your partner and you will see what a difference it makes. Our grandmas always use to say, “if you can’t find something good to say, don’t say anything’. I recommend that you find something good to say every day.

9 – Say ‘Thank You’

In addition to being generous with compliments, we need to stop and say ‘thank you’. A young husband told us about a day that his wife called him and in his head he was thinking, “here we go again, what does she want me to do this time” but she surprised him instead. She simply called to say, “honey, I appreciate and thank you for doing the things you do every day, for taking the kids to school, for picking up the groceries… ” and she listed a few more things. This made a huge impact on him and he still talks about it today. The things we sometimes take for granted should be followed up with a simple ‘thank you’.

10 – Enjoy A Romantic Evening Together at Home

This should not take the place of a weekly date. Romance can be found in small moments, but it has to be practiced. A couple needs to be in the habit of expressing love all the time. Sexy hosiery for women of all shapes and sizes could be used along with a plus size costume, or it could be a quieter sort of night with a shared bubble bath followed by a sensual massage.

11 – Go Shopping Together

Yes, shopping! I can imagine that some people may be rolling their eyes at this one but why not and spice it up a bit. If you go shopping for dresses or if you are a curvy woman for plus size clothing for example, wear your sexiest plus size panties underneath your clothes and during the changing and trying on, be a little naughty in the dressing room. You could eventually let your husband choose a daring item that he thinks you look the most beautiful in.

12 – Keep a Scrapbook & Explore Memories Together

Marriage is not just about candlelight dinners and sexy lingerie. Sentimental moments are worth preserving. Movie ticket stubs, restaurant menus and other mementos from significant dates could be included alongside the photographs. The story of a successful marriage deserves to be remembered. Don’t just keep these locked away in a book somewhere but every now and then reminisce together and relive some great moments.

Every couple should make a pact to try one new thing or go somewhere new together every year. Injecting newness into the marriage will keep the whole relationship feeling new. A spouse should be a partner and a true companion. You both should be someone to grow old with while working to keep feeling young.

Being married is not an excuse to grow complacent and stop evolving. Marriage itself is the greatest and most rewarding of adventures. You have to work hard at maintaining your love for each other.

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