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Ragen Chastaine – Dances with Fat

“The work that FabUplus does is absolutely vital – it provides an alternative to media that is driven by the beauty and diet industries, media that is custom-created to make us hate ourselves so that we will buy their products.  We deserve to be able to read a great magazine without getting a side of body shame.  FabUPlus gives us the information we want, with the weight-neutral body positivity we deserve.”

Jess Baker – The Militant Baker

“I think it is very important to have this visual medium to show women what is possible.”

Virgie Tovar – Lose Hate Not Weight

“This magazine is exciting with a diversification of topics, a welcome voice within the movement”

Yolanda – Just Curves

”I love it! There is a need for our message to get out there in print, not just digital”

Sonya – Forever Yours Lingerie

“I think this magazine is “GREAT”this has not been done for a very long time. Being a print magazine makes it special.”


Jill Andrew – Body Confidence Awards Canada

“There is a misconception that big people can’t do certain things and be active, so we are glad that this magazine is not about weight and weight loss, you can have health at every size.”

Mirna Valerio – Plus Sized Athlete

“This is such a necessary platform for ladies with curves, without stigma, without the insidious push to change your body to meet society’s ideals, and without the ulterior motives of ridicule and shaming. I love the idea. An actual lifestyle, print magazine where I can see myself represented and not framed as an oddity. Thanks for doing this!”

Krista Henderson – Born To Reign Athletics

“I am very excited to see FabUplus come to the market place and I think the plus size community will welcome it with open arms.  Plus size health & fitness has been underrepresented in a positive light in the media for too long.”

Jill Angie – Not Your Average Runner

“ A magazine of this genre is very overdue and will certainly be filling a void as there is nothing else out there like it.”

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