Why is IG (Instagram) censoring my body and not thin bodies? We have seen this question being asked by various publications for various marginalized groups, but definitely more and more in the past two years as it relates to the fat community.

Bold Magazine has touched on this in various capacities, speaking about the amount of skin being shown in Instagram’s algorithms (more skin brings in the automated block or censorship- but is that really the case? And if it is, why are they not making adjustments for larger bodies?). The Guardian discussed it, specifically with regard to fat black influencer Nyome Nicholas-Williams, re-igniting the conversation about racial bias in social media. The Huffington Post has even discussed this as early as 2013!

So, why hasn’t Instagram, owned by Social Media Group Facebook Inc., made the change? 

Perhaps a growing group of Instagram influencers and bloggers can make them listen? These influencers are hash tagging #DONTDELETEMYBODY and posting photos of their bodies with the caption “Why does IG censor my body but not thin bodies?” The movement is certainly growing at an extremely fast rate!

It is really difficult to see exactly where movements like this begin. We first caught it from a group of influencers who have been cited as the originators and “pavers” and we believe this to be the group! Please see below:



@curvynyome (mentioned above as well in The Guardian)
















However, as this is cited directly from Instagram, we’d like to note that we are only reporting what we have read. So far, over 100 posts have been created with the number growing, by the hour.

This comes off the heels of NEDA’s Weight Stigma Awareness Week which Bold Magazine has been enthusiastically celebrating with folks like The Happy Belly Project and others. It also  lines up with next week’s “National Plus Size Appreciation Day” on October 6th. We are not sure if this was done purposefully during this time, but we completely applaud the movement and the folks involved!

You can join the movement by using the hashtag #DONTDELETEMYBODY. Please do click on it so that you can cite the creators and originators!

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