Why Yoga? 

Written by : Jill Moran


Why yoga?  

As a larger woman, why is yoga a great practice for you? It puts you in touch with your body. 

Often, as larger women, we walk through the world trying to hide ourselves and so we are not always aware of how our bodies feel and move. Yoga is about body awareness, standing in your power, and challenging yourself through movement. 


Yoga is for every body 

Currently there are so many fantastic inspiring yoga instructors of size.   

Here’s a list of wonderful yoga instructors who specialize in working with all body types. They have classes, pose descriptions, YouTube channels, and workshops online – everything you need to get acquainted with bringing yoga into your life and perhaps starting your own practice at home.


https://bodypositiveyoga.com/ Amber Karnes     

https://www.curvyyoga.com/ Anna Guest-Jelley 

https://diannebondyyoga.com/ Dianne Bondy 

http://jessamynstanley.com/ Jessamyn Stanley 

http://www.thelusciouslife.ca/ Krystal Thompson



Yoga calms your mind 

Your yoga practice is not just on the mat. It goes with you into the world. You will find that you are calmer and more patient in your everyday life. Yoga practice has an element of meditation in each session which calms your mind, lowers your blood pressure and heightens your sense of well-being.  

Yoga is self-care 

Self-care is becoming an overused word these days. Yes, a pedicure is self-care but yoga practiced on a regular basis (once a week is great, once a day is amazing) will impact your life both physically and mentally. Like a lot of things that are good for you, you may avoid yoga practice. There’s a show to watch on TV or a nap to be had but the feeling of peace, strength and contentment that comes both during and after a session is something you won’t find in a pedicure. 

Whether you find a terrific video to practice at home or you find a wonderful supportive instructor who will adapt poses for your body, consider practicing yoga. Your body, mind and spirit will be transformed.

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