After watching the iconic scene in Hulu’s hit series Shrill, women with plus-sized bodies have thrown body-positive pool parties across the nation. The episode gave viewers a look into what seemed like a fantasy world. Fortunately, it is a fantasy that you can make a reality by finding a body-positive pool party already in swing or throwing one yourself. If you need help convincing your friends why you should throw a body-positive pool party, check out these top reasons.

Socialize With Plus-Sized People

Sometimes, it is hard making friends with other plus-sized people. Hosting a body-positive pool party is likely to attract not only plus-sized people but body-positive advocates. You may meet allies who understand your struggles without you having to explain. Further, networking with people who understand you can help you advance in the future of body positivity.

Get Sponsored

Parties cost money. Further, if your party is an event, you’ll need to market and consider if you will sell or give out tickets. Think about which businesses, companies, and organizations you want to have involved in your event. Pitch your idea to brands that you think would like to represent it. For instance, companies like Torrid, Lane Bryant, NAAFA, and Hulu might sponsor a body-positive pool party.

Pro Tip: Have patience! Putting on an event of any size takes time, but it is worth your effort to stick to your vision.

Take Amazing Pictures

To market your event and show off its success, you will want photos taken throughout. Dedicate an individual to take professional images that you will later post to Instagram. Ensure your photographer knows how to take the best photos with a digital camera so that the images look great throughout the night, even as the light changes. You can grab a shot of each person who walks through the door to show off how incredible they look and give them a souvenir. Also, provide unique props for photo opportunities.

Normalize Plus-Sized Bodies

Sometimes it goes unspoken, but the main reason why you should throw a body-positive pool party is to normalize plus-sized bodies having fun in the sun. There are somehow so many plus-sized people in the world, yet we don’t get out and see each other enough. You can change the stigma around plus-sized people and attractiveness by living your beautiful life.

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