It seems like we can’t scroll through our social media sites without seeing beautifully threaded, laminated, or tattooed eyebrows. There are so many things we can do to enhance our eyebrows that it seems like the list is never-ending. As a salon owner, you run into a wide range of people seeking equally as expansive salon services. Henna eyebrows is a service that is exploding in popularity in the beauty world. Find out more about why your salon should offer henna eyebrow services.

Not Permanent

More often than not, you will receive clients who are apprehensive about making any drastic or permanent changes to their faces and hair. While that sentiment is understandable, you can attract and retain those customers by offering services that aren’t permanent. Henna eyebrows are the perfect option, as they usually fade away in about three weeks. Moreover, a henna eyebrow mishap is easier to correct as it’s not permanent.

Natural Option

Did you know that henna is 100 percent natural? In fact, most henna products are organic, vegan, and free of harmful chemicals like ammonia. The natural attributes of henna make it the perfect eyebrow service to offer at your salon. This service will attract all kinds of people with varying needs. You will attract eco-conscious or health-conscious people seeking natural alternatives. Moreover, henna eyebrow services attract people with sensitive skin, as it’s less irritating than other options.


One of the best parts about henna eyebrows is that they don’t last long. While we touched on the fact that this timeframe is great in the event of a mishap, it also provides another benefit to customers. Henna eyebrows allow clients to try different eyebrow shapes to see what fits their face and what they like best. Most other eyebrows options last much longer, around six months, which isn’t ideal for trying out a new eyebrow look you might not like.

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