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Breaking free from a negative body image is a life changing event. We may not have been aware about how much time, energy, emotions, and effort we were putting in hating our body. And when we no longer have those things being a constant in our lives, we may run into the big question of: who am I now?

I remember when I first started this journey in accepting myself as I am, I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know what my values or beliefs were. I didn’t know what brought real fulfillment and happiness in my life, or where I needed a hard boundary. For so long I was living my life on this idea of who I thought I should be, or who I wanted to be…not who I was.

If it is one thing I want to tell you it is this: try all the things. All those things you were saving for that after photo…try them now. You may discover that you don’t even like them, or that you absolutely love them.

All those things you were hesitant to do because you didn’t feel good enough? Do them. Some of them may be executing well, and some may not. But you are now out in this world exploring it and figuring out who you are versus spending time in your mind and focusing on how bad you hate your thighs.

You have freedom to be who you are, and time to spend on things that bring you joy. It isn’t about finding a new you, because you have been there all along. It is just now you have let go of all the baggage that has been keeping you locked up in a box labeled not good enough. And you are good enough, right now. You are worthy of experiencing the life you imagined right now.

And the world needs you. Your voice, mind, thoughts, feelings, and purpose. We need you. So please show up as who you are, not who you think you should be. So, my question to you is: who are you?

Who are you now that you are free from all the bullshit? Reclaim Yourself.

By: Sara Vance

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