Women independent retailer Kritine Deer

Meet an Independent Retailer whose mission is to make all women feel feminine and confident.

Kristine Deer and her brand K-DEER have a mission to make all women feel feminine and confident. Not all designers and fashion retailers have this in the front of their mind when it comes to clothing. This can be even worse for plus size women. Then it can get even worse when you are looking for clothes to work out in. But it doesn’t have to be like this. When there are designers like Kristine out there that understand fabrics and how to make the most of them then the future will only be brighter.

K-DEER started out when Kristine was out of a job in the last recession. As with so many creative people she did not let this stop her from thinking about how she could help people. She practised yoga several times a week but just couldn’t get the right clothing for her workouts. She started to sample different fabrics and designs and sought feedback from those in her class and the yoga teachers too. This desire to develop better clothing led to the birth of K-DEER. And Kristine has never looked back. She branded her designs and used the internet to find customers. From there the orders started to come in and she knew she had found something that people out there really wanted.

Feedback from her customers led Kristine to start carrying plus sizes of her designs. She had to work hard at getting the sixing just right. This has been a really popular move and the sales have started to take off now that she can get her message out there to the right market. Her customers report back that they feel great in her designs and they just love them. Kristine feels proud that she has made a difference and has a connection with her customers from the feedback they give her. This means that every design that K-DEER make fit the specifications that her customers have given her.

Kristine encourages all budding entrepreneurs to get out there and make their dreams come true. She started small on Etsy and it has just grown from there. Her advice to someone who is thinking about a startup in fashion is to “just DO IT! Put your heart into it and just see what will happen.” When it comes to startup business then the entrepreneur that produces something that they feel passionately about will have a much better chance of success. The pleasure that you get from delivering something that fulfills a need is a great feeling.

Kristine and her team are always on the lookout for their next inspirations. They never stop looking at ways to deliver high quality clothing that makes women feel feminine and confident. This is why she is such a good for for FabPlus Magazine. We love the way that she sees style and beauty rather than size. When someone can deliver designs that make people of any shape and size feel beautiful and confident then the world is a better place!


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