We Are Worthy Of Joyful Movement 

Michele Burmaster- Body Positive Fitness Alliance 

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I used to think that joy was reserved for everyone else but me. Growing up today, it’s easy to see how a young woman might think that happiness is conditional- something to be earned with Moral Points. 

“Earn Moral Points by taking up less space! You can’t be happy if you’re not healthy and you can’t be healthy with that kind of weight on you! The right amount of self discipline will open up the doors to health and happiness!” was the messaging I was hit with at every angle in my formative years.  

After suffering the mental and physical health-related side effects from relentlessly pursuing Moral Points to unlock my happiness for 25+ years, I call bullshit.

As it turns out, I can be happy RIGHT NOW. I can choose to not let my own happiness be conditional. I am worthy of weightlifting, swimming, hiking, roller blading, cartwheeling, rolling down hills, and doing what makes my body and brain feel good NOW, not at some arbitrary point in the future when I feel like my Moral Points value can be cashed in for happiness.  

I don’t have to justify this engaging in movement as an avenue to Moral Points. I can do it just because I want to and I don’t have to feel guilty that I’m doing it for fun. I’ll tell you – the freedom – it’s incredible.  

plus fitness

Brand: Superfit Hero

There’s no wrong way to do it because there are no Moral Points to be earned. I’m training my body to stay strong decades into the future. I’m training to have the ability to save a loved one in an emergency. I’m training to keep my heart and lungs happy. I’m training to keep those sweet endorphins flowing and keeping me loving life.  

I am worthy of health and happiness now, not at some unknown point in the future. And you are too. 

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