You Are Not A Before And After


You Are Not A Before And After. We’ve survived the onslaught of another New Year’s advertisements for gym memberships, diet supplements, and plans for the perfect body. We’ve been bombarded by images scoffing at before bodies while celebrating after bodies. We need to change the conversation!

Our bodies have lovingly carried us throughout time. Healthy, loving tweaks and improvements are welcome and should be celebrated, as long as we always remember  that we are kickass women throughout all stages, ages, and phases! Eating healthier will add years to our lives. Hitting the gym to work up a sweat and feel vibrant will give us more energy. Getting out for regular walks, jogs or bike rides will fill our lungs with fresh air and make us happier. We can appreciate all the gains we are making without putting our before selves down. We are the same amazing women throughout time. Regardless of size. Regardless of shape.

You are not a before and after…you are an always!

How do we create a shift?

Celebrate those non-scale victories –

Shaved a few seconds off a jog or walk? Signed up for your first 5K? Started a new regular routine or class no matter how big or small? Ran up the stairs? Kudos to you, superstar! Do a little happy dance and pat yourself on the back.

Thank yourself and your body –

Your beautiful body brought you to this point, lovingly carried you over miles, over years, through all stages of life. Thank your body for all it has done to enable you to show up to start a new activity, no matter how hard or daunting it may seem at first.

Concentrate on your gains –

Instead of focusing solely on losing numbers on a scale, congratulate yourself for body feats like renewed flexibility, energy, vitality, improving a health issue, and glowing skin. Celebrate and share this positive energy on social media too!

The next generation is watching us. Let’s change the conversation for us and for them. Celebrate yourself – before, during, and after everything you start this year.


You Are Not A Before And After


By: Liis Windischmann

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