It’s hard to imagine your life without denim, we wear it so much without even realising from denim jackets and skirts to your old faithful jeans. Jeans have been worn for over 100 years and we can’t see a day when they go out of fashion.

Although blue jeans have and always will be the classic, today we have so many different shades of blue denim as well as every other colour of the rainbow. Here’s our guide to the different colours of denim we love.

The classic light blue colour that we all know and love, perfect for a casual look and can be worn with everything, from jeans to denim jackets and so much more.

Bleached denim
A very light shade of blue that has a bleached effect look and is a recent fashion trend often with a lightly shade down the centre of the jeans.

Acid wash
A throwback from the 80s that’s certainly making a comeback, acid wash denim has a very bleached look to the extent that they almost look white.

Denim just gets better with age and that’s why distressed jeans have become so popular, the odd rip and scuff adds lots of character and especially popular with today’s fashions.

A faded shade of blue denim that is muted to give a hint of aging and distressed, and has recently become popular with the rise of retro and boho trends.

A heavily dyed denim with a deep blue colour that gives a much smarter appearance than other styles, which makes them ideal for smarter and more formal occasions.

With everything 80s back in fashion, coloured jeans have also made a comeback and you’ll find many intensely dyed denim in bold colours like red and blue.

White denim
Recently the choice of denim for feminine girls in the summer, white denim looks lovely as skinny jeans or a white denim jacket with floral prints.

Black denim
Previously seen as a denim colour for rock chicks or biker babes, black denim has recently become mainstream and is now favoured by people dressed up with heels for a night out.

From studding and jewels to glitter and sequins, denim has seen the recent craze of embellishments to turn casual clothing into glamorous pieces.

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