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What Are Creative Ways To Boost Your Boutique?

What Are Creative Ways To Boost Your Boutique?

Fashion boutiques are everywhere, so you must set yourself apart from the competition. It’s time to bring more people to the business. Whether you want to raise brand awareness or sales, follow these creative ways to boost your boutique. Attend Fashion Trade Shows...

The Best Protective Styles for Natural Hair

The Best Protective Styles for Natural Hair

Protective styles are some of the best ways to give your hair a much-needed rest and minimize manipulation. However, not all protective styles offer equal benefits. We’ve created a comprehensive list of the best protective styles for natural hair so you can give your...


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Christopher Salute to Sell Plus Size Magazine Conglomerate

Bold Beginnings

Beginning ten years ago, Bold Magazine, one of two crown jewel properties of Bold Holdings, LLC (formerly Bold Media, Inc.) has covered women’s sports, business, media, and fashion. Having switched solely to plus size news and information in 2014, CEO Christopher Salute showed he was ready to take the leap as a straight, white, cisgender male in a new and highly diverse space… a leap that was not without challenges. In 2017 and 2018, Salute presented all over the country and worked with some of the nation’s leading body positivity and plus activists. Now, in 2021, Bold has expanded to own multiple magazines, a Brand Management Company, radio shows, microblogs and more. 

A Company in Transition

Found in a statement on his websites and blogs, Saute has decided to sell the largest plus size media brand in the world….

A Message From Our Editorial Team

Thank you so much for coming back. fabUplus, a Bold Holdings Property, is so glad to be celebrating our five year anniversary! We couldn’t have done it with you. 

As we transition to a female led, owned, and created magazine, we’re so excited to keep you in the loop. If you haven’t reached out before or connected, please do! Subscribe! Read! Find us on social media! Even contribute! 




five year fabUplus

Editorial Team

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