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FabUplus is a health, fitness and lifestyle magazine dedicated to women with curves. Our goal is to empower, encourage and inspire women to maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter what your size. Size does NOT define one’s health and fitness level, and FabUplus celebrates a woman’s inner curves. The unique editorial content relates to the plus-sized community, engaging and informing women to be fit, healthy AND curvy at the same time.

FabUplus Magazine provides curvy women with a media landscape that celebrates health,  fitness, and lifestyle for the 14+ community. FabUplus wants to encourage women to love their unique bodies while developing a weight-neutral, health-centered approach to life. It sorts out the facts from distorted societal myths about health, weight, and identity.

Here at FabUplus we live by the motto, love the skin you are in, and we embrace the FabUplus within each of us no matter what your size. FabUplus does not promote weight loss or weight gain. We do not define women by their size but encourage women to embrace and love their bodies as they are now. FabUplus Magazine celebrates the curvy women wholeheartedly and focuses on body positivity, self-love and and living a healthy, happy well-balanced life.

LIFE.… make it FUN.… keep it REAL! 

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Get ready to unleash your inner curves!

5 Steps to a Wonderful Life Without Dieting

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These are the EXACT same steps that we have used to transform the lives of hundreds of women helping them to stop being ashamed of their bodies.

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