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Are you an aspiring Model? Brand Ambassador? Influencer?

Join our team of fabUffiliates for:

  • Promotion on our site

    • Model Monday Article
    • Potential for featured photos, as well
  • Instagram Shouts

    • In relevance to Model Mondays
  • Up to 15 % off of our Apparel Store 

    • https://teespring.com/stores/fabuplus
      • More Size Inclusive products being added, each week!
    • And a special coupon code for your followers!
  • Free Product Samples

    • Where applicable


Here’s how you apply! Please fill out the below form and submit up to five photos of yourself (Must submit one for the form to submit)!

We prefer:

  • Black and white photos

  • Headshots

  • Full Body, Lifestyle, or Runway Shots

  • Please, no selfies!

Please use the below contact form to submit your application! A $10.00 USD Administration Fee will be charged to all applications.


    If form does not submit, it is probably because your wonderful photos are too large. Please try again without photos and email them separately. 🙂


    *** If you are unable to submit this form, it’s very likely that your amazing photos are too large! No biggie, just submit the form and you can email the photos separately! Our team will contact you to retrieve them or you can email our email account: editorial@fabuplusmagazine.com ***


    fabUplus Magazine has the right to refuse an affiliate application due to speak of hatred, bigotry, or fat-phobia on their posts or any associated posts. fabUplus will not accept adult content from fabUffiliates.

    If you fit into the above categories and submit your application, we will refund your administration fee. 





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