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Brenda Barnes

Instagram: @The Curvy Consultant
Facebook: The Curvy Consultant
Plus size fashion and beauty blogger; aspiring model, actor and singer out of Atlanta, GA, Brenda Barnes is “The Curvy Consultant.

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Candice Christian

Instagram: @candi_m_and_ms /  www.instagram.com/candi_m_and_ms/
Website: www.thenouveauplus.art.blog
Candice is a 24 year old plus model, actress, singer, and dancer. She is originally from New York but currently lives in Florida. Candice enjoys playing with her 2 year old son and producing beauty pageants. She says that her strength, outspokenness, and persistence is what makes her fabulous!

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LaQuinta Davis

Facebook: DivaBigg
LaQuinta is the owner and creator of DivaBigg and Bbwintheroom. She is the first architect of curvy and designer of Fat Pride and a head spinning up and coming designer.

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Penny Keys

Website/Blog: pkeys303.weebly.com

 Facebook: Penelope Rockets

 Twitter: pkeys303 

 Instagram: Pkeys303

 Snapchat: Tattedp303

Pinterest: Penny Keys

Tik Tok: @pennywallets

Keys is a 35 year old single mother to a 13 year old son. The youngest daughter to two teachers both of which have passed. I have 2 older siblings. She is currently living in Aurora, CO and “just enjoying life.” Her free time is usually spent hanging out with friends, attending concerts, and getting tattoos.

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Adrianna Jackson

Instagram: @tattooed_amazon


About: I’m a 6ft, covered in tattoos, plus size model just trying to change women’s perspective of themselves. I myself have body dysmorphic dissorder from trying to get myself physically where everyone told me I was suppose to be. It took me a long time to love myself. I want to help lift positivity in the world about how women are gorgeous every step of their lives journey.” – Adrianna Jackson

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Megan McCormack

Instagram: @pear_and_thyme






Blog/Site: https://pearandthyme.wixsite.com/pearandthyme

About: I’m an advocate for body positivity and inclusiveness. Learning to love and accept my body has been a long and difficult journey that started when I was about ten years old. As a woman in her 30s, I feel like I’m finally learning to reject my internalized fatphobia, and it’s been incredibly freeing. I want to help others to see how rejecting and fighting against fatphobia will not only help themselves but others as well. I started modeling a year ago to challenge myself to let go of all that heavy pressure society has placed on me to conform to a narrow idea of beauty, and it’s not only an act of self love but also of rebellion. Also, I’m love learning new things, teaching, experimenting with DIY  projects (like making my own perfume), and traveling.

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Lindsey Morrison

Instagram: @lamorrisonnn

Blog/Site: www.skinnystorieswithasideoffries.com

About: I would consider myself an influencer model.In the last 5 years, I have posted outfits for Torrid & SHEIN. In 2017-2018, I teamed up with Torrid’s social media marketing team to create Instagram content on two separate occasions.The first one I got to create an outfit from their new Americana collection, and take pictures that best display the outfits. The second occasion, Torrid was launching their boyfriend button down shirt, and I had to create 3 different outfits that showed the diversity of how it can be worn. Each time was so fun to create content for a brand I personally loved, with clothes that can be worn everyday. The best part about being an influencer is being someone whom the audience can relate to – which helps the brand sell more of that product because the customer can identify better with it. With SHEIN, it was a little more casual.I created content from new outfits I have purchased myself, and they have posted on their own.

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Kimbra Owens

Instagram: @__kimbra


About: I am just starting out. But I would love to do print, glam, and commercial. I would say that my personal style is  very laid back, comfortable, with flash here and there. Although I love a great pair of heels from time to time, I’ve become a major sneaker head over the last few years.

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Iris Perez

Facebook: @Hypnoticbeauty1

Twitter:  @IamIrisPerez

Instagram:  @IamIrisPerez

YouTube:  @HypnoticBeauty

Snapchat: @IamIrisPerez

Pinterest: @HypnoticBeauty


Iris currently resides in Decatur, Alabama. She was born in Chicago and native of her beautiful island Puerto Rico. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend. When Iris is not participating in modeling or fashion events she is employed as a medical assistant working in a family practice. Iris is a makeup artist who enjoys a challenge. Avant-Garde is one of her favorite makeup theme she enjoys creating.

Iris enjoys modeling, makeup, fashion and helping others. She has walked the runway for several brands, designers and boutiques. She is a brand ambassador, Instagram and Facebook influencer and a published model.

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Amber Pratt

Website/Blog: Facebook: Amber Pratt

Instagram: @A_PlusCurves

Snapchat: Ownitlikemoi23


I became an influencer to see more things that she prefer to see. As well as, empower other women not to give up and you can change any situation at any time. I am currently working upon building a schedule system for posts and content planning. I try to use my platform to bring positivity, thought provoking posts, and show people who i am authentically.

It all started with networking with other curvy models to get an understanding of how they started out. Thankfully one of the women I networked with sent me a flier for training with one of the best runway coaches ‘Jeannie Ferguson.’ I attended my runway training and fell in love. Then I did the model casting for Bold Curves Island Fuzion, which became my first show. And I have been pressing forward ever since.

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Kelly Robinson

Facebook: KellyRPlusModel
Instagram: @Kellzbellzzz


I’m Kelly Robinson, a plus size curvy lesbian model residing in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area. I’ve been modeling for almost 3 years.  I absolutely love the platform it has given me to inspire and motivate other women and men who are different and not the average cookie cutter size to love themselves! In my past it was hard for me to find clothing that fit my body type let alone made me feel sexy or attractive.

I’m here to make a statement ruffle feathers and be heard! Plus is equal and I’m ready to show the world exactly what Us plus size women are made of!


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Edlexis Spady

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eespady

Instagram: @iamedlexisspady_

About:For the past two years I have been one of Queen Sized Magazines House Model’s as well and it has been an extreme pleasure. My love for modeling and t-shirts has given me the opportunity to be a Brand Ambassador for two great businesses, Kinky Chicks and By Keeks With Love. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with brands such as Fashion Nova, The Curve Factory, and Hautecurve as well. I have also had the opportunity be signed as one of Part & Parcel Plus Sized Models.

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Jade Spicer

Instagram: @MszJadee

FaceBook: Jade Spicer

About: Hi! I am Jade a 27 year old woman from St Louis. I am a CT technologist at a local hospital here in St Louis but I am also an aspiring model. I wanted to model for many reasons but this one really is the most important reason why; I want to show other women who are not your typical coke bottle shape that they are beautiful as well!

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Erica Scott


FaceBook: Erica Scott

About:Hello, my name is Erica and I am the fashion intern for LUSH magazine. I am new to being an influencer. I am interested in becoming and interested in working with fab plus. I would love more information about influencing and what you are looking for.

Jessica Stewart

Instagram:   @strawberrykurves

 About:I am Jessica Stewart, the brilliant mind behind StrawberryKurves .I am a “grab life by the horns and ride as long as you can” type of person. I am bold, beautiful, and happy to be #Kurvy which are all the ingredients that you need to live a happy life. I am an outgoing person with a passion for technology, making memories, and finding cute clothes at a reasonable price. I am the intersection of Fashionable clothing and low prices and I just want to share that with the world.

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Tiffany Walker

Instagram:   @hippz82

 About: I am a military veteran who served during 9/11 in the United States Air Force.  I am a divorced mom of a soon to be 18yr old.  I am 37 yrs old, scorpio who has a A.A.S. degree in Information Technology with a minor in Computer Science/Networking.  I have been modeling since 1996 in high school doing fashion shows which led to hair shows, print and plus size modeling in 2007.  I am  a natural brand influencer so I have been doing a lot of that on the side.  

How did you get started as an influencer? What kind of content do you create, and what’s your main channel? 

  I would use Instagram and my content would be what ever the oportunity calls for.

What type of modeling do you do? How did you get started as a model? What’s an average work week like for you?  I am interested in various modeling from commercial print to fashion and hair modeling.  I would love to get into body painting.  I am freelance so there aren’t any scheduling conflicts.

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Brittany Wilborn

Instagram:   @BrittanyWilborn_plusmodel

 About: I work in the human services field, centered on youth development, community outreach and case management.  I am also a lover of the arts and am a freelance plus size model, dancer and actress. I have modeled in over 25 fashion shows in different states, published in magazines and this will be my 3rd musical with ActUP Theater. I want to use my educational, professional and personal experiences to pour into the youth in the community.

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