See Yourself the Way Others Do 

See Yourself the Way Others Do  Author: Sara J. Hardan    In our selfie-crazed world, the photos we take usually show the person we want to show. Duck-lip Snapchats, side poses posted to Instagram; the photos we post are the […]

Plus Size Hiking – Unlikely – YES We Can! By Jenny Bruso 

Plus Size Hiking – Unlikely – YES We Can!  Written By Jenny Bruso    It’s spring and the outdoors are calling!  Interested in hiking, but don’t know where to begin?  It’s easier than you think and you likely already have what you need […]

3 Steps to a Stress-Free Holiday Season 

Three Steps to a Stress-Free Holiday Season  Author: Sheila Sutherland     Holidays: the food, the shopping, the decorating, the cooking, the planning, the parties… and the family!  There are so many aspects of the holidays that can trigger […]

Wardrobe Remix: The Printed Sweatshirt 

 Wardrobe Remix: The Printed Sweatshirt  Written by: Elizabeth McGuffin     The classic sweatshirt gets a spring refresh in a slinky lightweight knit and vibrant painterly print. No longer reserved for casual weekends, this season’s sweatshirt […]

Free Yourself From Weight Loss at Green Mountain

Free Yourself From Weight Loss at Green Mountain Fox Run   Kari Anderson, DBH, LCMHC, CEDS, is the Executive Director at Green Mountain at Fox Run and leads the Women’s Center for Binge and Emotional Eating. Green Mountain at […]

Choose Your Thoughts Around Food

Choose Your Thoughts Around Food    Written by: Esther Kane, MSW, RSW, RCC  As a psychotherapist, I help people lessen their personal suffering and experience more joy and peace. How? By learning to separate what they can’t control – other people, places, and […]

Getting Fit without Stepping into a Gym

Getting Fit without Stepping into a Gym  Written by: Dianne Williams    Not all of us who want to create healthy curves want to step into the gym. There are other ways of getting in shape without setting foot in such an arena.  Here are some […]

Cleaning The Closet: Loving My Post-Baby Body

Cleaning The Closet: Loving My Post-Baby Body Author: Kat Stroud Women are constantly surrounded with reminders that we are expected to lose our post-baby belly fat as quickly as possible. After giving birth, I struggled with my […]