As everyone grows into their adult roles, it becomes much more difficult to plan intricate events to spend time together. Although going out seems to be the most common option ladies think of when they hear “girls’ night,” spending time together doesn’t have to be a big deal. Staying in is one of the best ways to reconnect with your friends and recharge after a long week. Follow along for a few tips for planning a lowkey girls’ night with your besties.

Keep It Casual and Comfortable

Going out together calls for fancy clothes and hairstyles, but staying in can mean just the opposite. If you plan to stay at one person’s house, there’s no reason to spend the evening in uncomfortable clothing. Instead, you can opt for a pajama or loungewear dress code. Everyone will be much cozier, and making the dress code known to the whole group is the best way to ensure nobody comes overdressed.

Host a Potluck or Order Takeout

Food is an essential part of the night, but staying in might not be easy unless you have a plan in place. Nobody will want to leave once you’re all there, so consider a potluck where everyone brings something to contribute to the meal. If cooking isn’t on the table for your group, order takeout from somewhere that delivers to avoid going out. Otherwise, one person can pick up the food for everyone on their way to the meeting spot.

Make It a Spa Night

Going to a spa is an excellent way to relax; however, you can have a spa night at little to no cost when you do it at home. Whether you paint each others’ nails or follow a few tips for at-home facials, you won’t regret relaxing with your friends.

Try a Wine and Canvas Night at Home

If your group enjoys painting, consider a wine and canvas night at home. Although you get more direction by taking a class, you’ll have a blast doing this activity at home. Everyone can choose their own painting design and take as much time as they need. By painting at home, you can select your own music playlist and talk about whatever you want.

Pro Tip

Make a charcuterie board full of tasty snacks, and use your best wine glasses for a fun and fancy experience!

With these tips for planning a lowkey girls’ night, you and your friends can stay in and have a great time. Going out can be fun, but there’s nothing better than doing whatever you want together in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

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