Extensions can transform your entire look, giving you long, voluminous lashes that beautifully frame your eyes. But maintaining your new full-lash look takes a bit of effort on your part. If you want to keep your extensions in good condition, make sure to follow these five essential aftercare tips for lash extensions.

Keep Them Dry

You should steer clear of water for the first 48 hours after you get your extensions. Water will react with the undried lash glue and cause it to “flash cure,” which can weaken its bond and cause your lashes to fall off. After 48 hours pass, you can bathe, shower, and swim freely.

Don’t Touch or Prod

It’s tempting to touch your new, beautiful, long lashes, but try to avoid this if you can. Your hands contain oils that can break down the lash glue and make your extensions prematurely fall out.

Brush Them

One essential aftercare tip for lash extensions that people commonly miss is brushing them. You should gently brush your extensions using a lash brush on a daily basis. In a pinch, you can use a clean, spare mascara wand instead. This tool gives your extensions a neat, orderly, and fluffy appearance, and it can also help keep them debris-free.

Avoid Oil-Based Products

Like water, oil can weaken the bond of the lash glue and cause your extensions to peel off. For this reason, you should avoid using all oil-based products on and around your lashes for as long as you have the extensions on. This tip can be a hassle to follow since you’ll need to examine your skincare products closely prior to use. However, it’s essential if you want your extensions to last.

Clean Every Three Days

You should wash your extensions using a foamy cleanser every few days. This practice will eliminate any dirt, dust, oil, and other debris and keep your lashes clean. Not cleaning your extensions can result in the lash glue breaking down, premature shedding, and even lash mites (yuck!), so make sure to clean yours at least twice per week.

If you want your extensions to last the full four to six weeks and look impeccable the entire time, following these post-care tips is a must! Fortunately, all five steps are relatively easy to incorporate into your beauty routine.

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