Plenty of trendsetters love keeping at least one or two Wild West-inspired pieces at the front of their wardrobe; these garments always look stylish. Not sure what to add to your wardrobe? Don’t worry! This fashion guide will cover the fashion tips every cowgirl needs to know, so you can add all the best items to your closet.

Find the Right Boots

When it comes to dressing Western, the right boots make an outfit stand out. If you’re new to this sector of the fashion world, then you may be interested to hear that there are various types of cowgirl boots. Each boot style has a different heel, shaft, and toe shape. You can’t go wrong with a pair of fashion boots for a fun night out with the girls.

Once you begin shopping, pick the two you like most if you feel stuck between several boot styles. This gives you some options while also preventing you from overbuying. You can always add boots to your wardrobe if you decide Western is your new go-to fashion!

Buy Leather and Denim

Two of the most important fabrics in this style are leather and denim, and some enthusiasts even wear leather or denim everything. At the very least, you should have jeans, a denim jacket, and a skirt. You can’t go wrong with a handbag or belt when it comes to leather, as both items are classic Western leather products. Many fashion lovers also recommend wearing a hat with a large brim of suede or authentic leather.

Pro Tip

As you shop for the essential fabrics, you should also add a bit of fringe and flannel to mix and match with different outfits.

Pick a Style

Western is an overarching category that you can further break down into smaller ones. For example, the rugged cowgirl style looks different from something prairie chic, since the rough cowgirl will wear more jeans and flannel. However, prairie chic fashion often involves ruffled or free-flowing dresses. Think up the look you want to achieve by only buying outfits that algin with this vision.

Don’t Overdo It

Western fashion isn’t exactly what some movies make it out to look like. Avoid creating stereotypical outfits by keeping only half of your attire Western. Consider pairing your jeans with your best pair of cowgirl boots, a t-shirt, and a leather hat. Keep your outfits looking classic and well-assembled.

Wear What You Like

Our most important fashion tip every cowgirl needs to know is to love what you wear. After all, Western fashion is to dress with confidence, but that can feel challenging when you don’t feel comfortable with your outfit. Make this simple by only buying clothing that you love seeing yourself in so you can stride with your head held high!

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