The prospect of a booze-free wedding can put some engaged couples’ nerves on edge. Will your guests judge you or refuse to attend if there’s no open bar? What alternatives can you offer to individuals who enjoy having cocktails with their dinner?

Throughout the planning process, remember that these choices are yours—not your guests’—to make and that dry weddings are not as rare as you may think. Check out these tips for making your alcohol-free wedding more fun, and incorporate one or more of them into your plans.

Start Your Day Early

Plenty of people are less inclined to drink at a reception when the afternoon sun is shining brightly. Schedule your ceremony for the mid-to-late morning so you can kick off your reception early in the afternoon!

Hire Upbeat Entertainment

Dancing without drinks can be tons of fun if you’ve got a band or DJ that knows how to get the crowd pumped up. Keep the tone light and interactive by hiring entertainers with plenty of humor and a set list of popular, upbeat songs.

Create Signature Mocktails

You don’t need champagne for your wedding toasts! Try out a more unconventional tradition by toasting with a unique mocktail of your own making. Give the drink a fun name that ties into your wedding theme, and guests will hardly miss the booze.

Choose a Fun-Based Dry Venue

If you worry that your guests will think a dry wedding means no fun, why not host your reception at an amusement park, arcade, or interactive museum? Research locations in your area that don’t allow alcohol but have plenty of other entertainment options available.

Encourage Conversation

Many guests balk at the idea of a dry wedding because they feel that they socialize more easily with a drink in hand. Place conversational icebreaker cards and activities at each reception table to encourage folks to get to know each other! Soon, your guests will be laughing and socializing with no booze required.

If planning a dry wedding has you stumped, use these tips to inspire you to make it more fun for your guests. Provide plenty of entertainment options and tasty non-alcoholic beverages, and your guests will have plenty of sober fun celebrating your special day.

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