Serving drinks is a great way to make more money at your restaurant. After all, most guests want to drink something aside from water. If drink sales have been lower than usual, it’s time to implement some changes in how you sell drinks. Learn the top ways to improve drink sales in your restaurant!

Have a Happy Hour

Drinks can get expensive, especially cocktails and dessert beverages. However, this doesn’t mean you should sell yourself short—you still need to make a profit. One great way to encourage sales is by having a happy hour between five p.m. and seven p.m. several times weekly. Promote this on your website, menus, and social media. When guests come in during happy hour, encourage staff to inform customers of this to increase sales.

Host Promotional Days

One of the best ways to promote drink orders is by planning fun events around alcohol sales. For instance, many viewers enjoy having a drink during major sports games. You can use this to your advantage by hosting a viewing party. Other promotional event ideas include:

  • Holiday deals
  • Trivia parties
  • Singles and couples nights

In addition to the listed ideas, you could host themed parties where you decorate the whole restaurant. Encourage guests to dress according to the theme by offering discounts to everyone dressed up. This can be as simple as hosting an ‘80s night or a Halloween costume night!

Buy Quality Alcohol

Everyone loves a delicious drink, and one of the best ways to ensure your beverages are outstanding is by using the best ingredients. For instance, top-shelf tequila is one of the most important ingredients in a good margarita. No matter the drink, using premium-quality alcohol enhances the flavor and guest experience. Some cheaper alcohols create a burning sensation in the back of your throat, and nobody likes that.

Offer Unique Options

While having the basics, such as beers and wines, is essential, don’t limit yourself. Hire a creative bartender with a great sense of taste so that you can work together to think up some fantastic options. For instance, you could serve a s’mores martini, strawberry-mango margarita, and craft beers in addition to the standard drink options. Encourage customers to expand their palates and try drinks that they can only enjoy in your restaurant.


Consider offering alcohol-free versions of your one-of-a-kind drinks to appeal to customers of all ages and preferences.

Have a Beverage Menu

Looking through a large menu packed with drinks, appetizers, main courses, and desserts can visually overwhelm customers. Get them to focus on drinks by creating a separate menu for beverages. This is a great way to improve drink sales in your restaurant since it keeps your customers’ attention solely on drinks. Keep the menu readable by separating beverage options with headings, such as beers, wines, cocktails, and alcohol-free options.

By making it easy for guests to review all your tasty beverage options, they’re more inclined to add a drink or two to their tab. Once they taste the incredible flavors, they’re more likely to reorder that drink or try a new one in the future!

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