Once in a while, you want to step up your level of fashion. Instead of wearing the same neutral crop tops, denim jeans, and cardigans every day, you want the outfit to say more about your style. If you want to stand out, learn about the statement pieces women love to have in their wardrobes!

Chunky White Sneakers

There’s a range of statement shoes that can suit everyone’s style. One of the most popular statement shoes is chunky white sneakers. They’re a casual outfit addition that speaks volumes. Due to its versatility, it’s likely that you’ll get more wear out of this statement item.

A Bold Satin Dress

A satin dress isn’t only for a fancy night out anymore. Now, it’s the perfect statement clothing item! You can easily style the satin dress to fit your fashion sense by choosing bold colors, such as pink, green, blue, or black.

Corset Tops

Corset tops are trending, and there’s a good reason for that! Many women adore the flair that corset tops add when paired with streetwear-style pants. It enhances the top’s versatility.

Others enjoy the intricacy of corsets. Floral patterns on satin corsets are among the most popular styles that women love! It develops a vintage, luxurious appearance that’s unlike most outfits.

Patterned Bottoms

More and more women are wearing neutral tops and pairing them with extravagant bottoms. Two-toned denim pants, embroidered elements on jeans, plaid wide-legged pants and skirts, and checkered patterns are some of the most common features you’ll find on bottoms. It’s an efficient way to wear comfortable pants or skirts while looking your best.

Textured Bottoms

But there’s more to fun bottoms than just wild patterns. Some pants and skirts speak for themselves through their texture. Corduroy, leather, and velvet are three attractive textures that add dimension to outfits.

Bell Bottoms

Another type of pants that draws immense attention is bell bottoms. One of the reasons why you should own bell bottoms is their elegance and free-flowing aesthetic. They’re perfect for nights when you need to dress up for a nice dinner with friends or run to a rodeo on the weekend!


Clothing isn’t the only statement piece women should have in their wardrobes. Earrings can make a neutral outfit truly pop!

Many women love finding unique homemade clay jewelry from a local artist. Another alternative is wearing vibrant colors that complement your skin tone. That way, no matter the clothes you wear, the earrings make your desired statement.


Sunglasses aren’t only to protect you from the dazzling sunshine. They’re a way to show off your attitude and display your impressive style.

Statement sunglasses are best in bright colors like blue, green, red, and pink! When you choose black sunglasses, the feature that stands out the most is the shape of the glasses. By wearing sunglasses with sharp edges and unusual shapes, you’ll have others wishing they had a gorgeous pair of statement sunglasses in their wardrobe, too.


Never create a mediocre outfit ever again! Having accent pieces in your wardrobe is a necessity to show off your personal style.

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