On a scolding new England day this young model set out to put the story straight: plus-size models do have a place on the in the modeling community. Some say otherwise, but she goes on. She does not pay mind to the naysayers because she is young wild and free.

As she stands there in the grass she looks over to the sun, her dress flowing in the wind. Her mind is set on one thing. Her individuality. She has a saying:

My goal is not to be famous or to be a star. My goal is to be a role model, someone who people can look up to and aspire to be.

She walks forward as her dress floats behind her, her hat just above the nape of her back. The camera loves her. The photographer tells her to look off into the distance. As the girl does this, the photographer captures the girl as if frozen in time, in a natural state of bliss.


The photographer has the girl spin around as if no one is watching. Her twinkle consists of innocence and confidence. The sun shines through the dress creating the perfect shot. It shows her being unapologetically herself. With no shame. Not caring about any of the people around her. In that moment she knows the world is her oyster and she is going to shuck it.


The last thing the photographer asks of her is to show some attitude. The girl looks off into the distance for the last time, pops out her hip and drops her face.  She tips her midnight black hat to the left side. Her eyes are following the cars. She hears the final click of the camera. The day is done. Until her next adventure.

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