Susan Moses

The Best-Kept Secrets of a Fashion Stylist’ is a celebration of curvy women and will inspire more people to be proud of the body that they are in. The book has come from the women that have inspired Susan through her years of writing about fashion and designing clothes. The book provides advice about fashion for all women of all sizes. It is filled with information about building a classic wardrobe, accessorizing and enjoying the fashion choices that are there to be made. Added to this are photographs that will inspire and amaze you as a complete celebration of all things curvy.

But the story of Susan Moses could have turned out differently. She was not original setting out on a path as a fashion designer and writer. She was at first headed towards a career in law. While studying at law school in New York Susan took on extra jobs to help pay her way through college. Many of these jobs were in fashion and that is where her true passion took off. While working as a dresser at New York Fashion Week Susan got into plus size modelling and the passion and energy of the fashion industry really took hold and steered her away from law.

Susan had struggles with her body and the way that she perceived it when she was younger. She was unhappy with her body and took some time to accept who she was. Bulimia followed in her teens and the Susan Moses that we see today wasn’t formed until she got to grips with these issues and started to accept and understand her body type. The story of these early struggles and how Susan came to overcome them is detailed in her book. It is an uplifting and inspiring start to the book and will resonate with readers who have had their own struggles to accept who they are.

A big breakthrough for Susan Moses and her career as a designer was when she was asked to work with two iconic women in the run up to the Academy Awards. Kathy Bates and Queen Latifah both got Susan to style them for the entire Oscar season, so she got the opportunity to work with prominent women at a time of the year when they were in the limelight. Susan knew from this point that she had the ability to style women with curves. It filled her with more pride and enjoyment than any of the other designing she had done. And Susan Moses has not looked back since. She is a designer,a writer, a published author and recently organized a her inaugural Empowering Women event to promote empathy and understanding. The idea is to prompt the fashion industry to treat all
women with respect.
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