Curves have been a part of art for years however the images of curvy women have waned in popularity over the last 50 years. Artist Jonquel Norwood has been a power house in resurfacing curves in the art and fashion world. Illustrations of normal, average and everyday women should be the norm, however just like the images we see in magazines, this has not been the case. Jonquel who was originally inspired by her own journey of embracing her curves has been making illustrations of women of all shapes and sizes from a very young age.


Jonquel Norwood





The popular tagline beauty has no size perfectly fit her illustrations. They have echoes of fashion and real life that resonate with anyone who wants to see art imitate reality. Jonquel Norwood was born and raised near New Orleans. After hurricane Katrina she moved to Atlanta to finish her degree and studied art and design. She wanted to connect her art to fashion but felt that people of her fashion style and body shape were not well represented in the fashion world.




Jonquel Norwood



After moving to New York, Jonquel saw a whole new world of opportunities. The different styles of the millions of people in New York gave them a way to express themselves and she was hooked. She stumbled upon an advert for Full Figured Fashion Week and she fell in love with the attitudes, the styling and the movement of loving oneself and it forever changed the way she saw herself and the world. This new world Jonquel had been exposed to in New York City was polar opposite to the views of the South that were so familiar. Rather than conforming to societies standards, she saw people who were being all they desired to be, confidently.

She attends events that promote body confidence and this has revolutionized the way she views her life, her body and her art. Although her body positivity journey is relatively new, Jonquel using it to help people embark on the same journey for themselves through her art. The art world is full of instruction on how to draw people but none of this is geared towards drawing curvy people and so Jonquel is self-taught. She done lots of research to get the curves right and the way that clothes hang off her models because she wants to portray this with accuracy. Jonquel Norwood͛s images portray a beauty, a confidence and a happiness in the people she draws.


jonquel norwood





Her purpose is to create positive messages for others to see the beauty in curves and be comfortable with the way the look and dress. The future looks bright for Jonquel as she gains more exposure for her work and spreads the body positive message through her illustrations. Jonquils beautiful, bold and creative art of the curvy woman is an inspiration for FabUPlus magazine.



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