The evolution of cosmetics aligns with consumer demands. People want fewer products that deliver effective results. Whether you own a cosmetic brand or want the inside scoop on buying habits, check out these current trends in the cosmetic industry.

Hyper-Personalization of Products

Brands recognize that cosmetic products aren’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why you see items that cater to specific skin types (e.g., matte foundation for oily skin). However, data science and artificial intelligence can help companies create custom-blend formulas for each customer. The technology assesses DNA and the skin’s bacterial composition to produce genetic makeup! Although hyper-personalization isn’t available at all brands, you can expect an increase in custom products.

Clean and Natural Ingredients

The term “clean beauty” refers to products with nontoxic, safe ingredients. Currently, consumers are more aware of the ingredients in cosmetic products, so they look for brands that prioritize transparency and choose safe, effective formulas.

A popular demand within this trend is vegan cosmetics. In particular, vegan lip gloss is on the rise within the cosmetic market because they have organic formulas. Instead of animal by-products, lip glosses have plant-based ingredients that nourish lips. Besides makeup, people want natural skincare and hair care products too.

Focus on Sustainable Products

Sustainability is a concern for many people, as consumers prefer eco-friendly products to reduce their carbon footprint. Along with clean and natural ingredients inside cosmetics, eco-friendly packaging is also relevant. Glass, paper, and bamboo packaging is better than single-use containers. Companies can increase brand loyalty with sustainable yet innovative packaging that caters to eco-conscious people.

Products With Skin Benefits

Consumers want multifunctional and affordable beauty products. Therefore, products with skin benefits are a current trend in the cosmetic industry. Companies must invest in innovative formulas that blur the lines between beauty and skincare. People want active ingredients like vitamin C, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides to play a big role in cosmetics.

Brands like Chanel have products with dual-purpose capabilities. For instance, the brand’s Lip and Cheek Pigment has camellia, a botanical rich in protocatechuic acid. It reduces skin wrinkles and has anti-inflammatory properties.

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