Everyone has a unique gift. Some have athletic gifts, others are musical, and some can build amazing paper crafts. Why not consider turning your creative ability into a business? Working as an entrepreneur isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’re persistent, you can make a profit with these best-selling DIY paper crafts.

3D Paper Art

The first thought many have about buying paper crafts is that they could create the craft themselves. Fortunately, few think that when it comes to selling 3D paper art, such as paper flowers and origami creations. It takes time to learn to make this type of art; even after learning the basics, it takes even longer to craft beautiful pieces you can sell. People appreciate all that hard work and will gladly buy these crafts from you. Consider offering made-to-order flowers or origami creations so you don’t burn out while building a supportive fan base.

Paper Party Supplies

People are throwing more elegant parties than they have been in a long time, and they want nice paper products to decorate with and use. Paper banners, face masks, party hats, and gift bags are some of the most popular party supplies that people will order to add convenient elegance to their parties. You can craft custom banners for everything from wedding showers to birthday parties to corporate events if you want to sell singular items. Alternatively, you can create packs of generic paper party supplies that people can order and use.

Custom Scrapbooking

You can commemorate life events and accomplishments in many ways, including scrapbooking. Some want a scrapbook without taking the time to design and create the pages. You can offer a personalized scrapbooking service to bring your client’s birthdays, holidays, weddings, new babies, travels, and other events or accomplishments to life. Request the pictures they want in their scrapbook, learn if they’re interested in a particular theme or color scheme, and get crafting. Mail or deliver the custom scrapbook when you’re done.

Handmade Cards

The last best-selling DIY paper craft creative entrepreneurs can make is handmade cards. People don’t want to send loved ones the same generic card that everyone else can buy in the store. You can use mica powder in card making to craft something colorful, shiny, and special for clients. You can also use other supplies for unique cards, such as an embossing machine and sticker embellishments. Consider offering both made-to-order cards for people with special requests and generic cards that people can purchase to fill out themselves.

If you’re creative and have a tenacious, entrepreneurial spirit, you can turn your favorite paper craft hobbies into a business. You can promote your craft on social media by giving brief and basic paper folding tutorials or showing your audience how you create a particular piece. Sell your creations online for easy customer access, sell them at events such as fairs and festivals, or establish a brick-and-mortar store. Building a client fan base will take time, but once you do, you can come to work excited every day.

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