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About U- Dee Dela Cruz

plus model
Photography by: Jig Paca

Big Beautiful Women

As a girl that was always big, Dee Dela Cruz faced a life of bullying when she was growing up in the Philippines, and was even told by her teachers that she would never make anything of her life because of her weight.  This took time for her to get to grips with.  Having people around you telling you that you are worthless isn’t easy to overcome.  Flip that to the present and Dee gets messages on Facebook from young girls that admire her and want to be like her.  It’s been quite the journey and one that has taken in a lot of doing from the day that young schoolgirl was subjected to those cruel words. 

Dee Dela Cruz’s aunt helped to bring her up and has always been an inspiration to her.  Her positivity and support has helped Dee to define her life.  As her aunt suffered from illness for a long time, it inspired Dee to become a nurse.  

Recently, Dee was encouraged to enter a modelling competition and she hasn’t looked back!  Now living in California after a move from the Philippines, Dee has performed in many competitions and is proud of the fact that she won the Big Beautiful Woman Model Pageant, which thrust her firmly into the limelight.

plus model
Photography by: FW Photography


The pageant scene for plus size women is becoming more recognised, and the progressive model agencies and fashion houses have seen the power of having a diverse range of models.  They turn up at these pageants to look for their next big model. 

Dee has absorbed this positive experience and made it her own.  With her profile allowing her to promote body positivity, empowerment of women, and diabetes awareness, she’s been able to greatly help others.  Dee has even been recognised and awarded by the senate for her work with diabetes awareness, a fabulous accolade for a girl who was told she would amount to nothing. 

Instagram @deedelacruzplusmodel 

plus model
Photography by: Jig Paca
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