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Body positivity is learning to acknowledge the fact that you are with your body 24/7 and you need to give it as much TLC as anything else — no matter what shape it is in. We are all shaped so differently from one another! And not one shape is better than the others, even though the media has tried to say otherwise. It is the affirmation you give yourself that you are enough all the time under all circumstances.

Dress Me Good promotes body positivity by:

  • •      Providing details on how you can dress for your shape. Many women don’t know that with a few tips and tricks plus flattering clothing, you can feel great about your body as is.
  • •      Offering a variety of sizes because we know it is tough to find plus sizes online or in store.
  • •      Using many different types of models so women can see how they will look in the clothing.
  • •      Sharing positive quotes and body positive role models to form a community around loving yourself.

Found of Dress Me Good Larissa Gonzales was teased when she was young, and  knows the hurt and damage it can do to one’s self esteem. Going through that, she learned what hurt the most was that she almost believed those bullies about her value and self-worth. People who love to try to bring you down, will never go away, but now that Larissa learned to love herself through self-talk and meditating, to have the confidence to use as armor to help combat those negative people knowing that what people say negatively is not a true reflection on her and that is what she hopes to promote through her online boutique and social media accounts Dress Me Good.

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Larissa Gonzales

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