This Brand Helps Boost Body Positivity Year-Round

Achieving a mindset of self-acceptance can be difficult for some, but surrounding yourself with people and brands that encourage authenticity can ease the process. For example, MedZone’s ChafeZone for Chub Rub is one example of many body positivity champions. This brand caters to the universal problem of thigh chafing, often referred to as chub rub. This chafing solution allows individuals to wear shorts, dresses or skirts without the fear of painful skin irritations. Not only is the product applicable year-round, but so is the company’s overarching message of building self-esteem and self-appreciation.



Plus-size blogger, model and female advocate, Lisa, known as Mustang Sally Two, believes there should be more companies following its lead.

“I’ve realized more brands are standing up to defy the media’s strict ideas of what beauty is and instead trying to inspire women to be their true selves,” said Mustang Sally Two. “From encouraging me to embrace my no-thigh-gap and providing real solutions for chafing to helping me feel confident in anything I choose to wear, I hope this movement toward providing body positive solutions to everyday problems continues to gain momentum.”

Often a brand’s messaging plays a larger role in self-love than the product itself. Merchandise that provides body-care solutions can still fall short of endorsing self-acceptance, if the brand doesn’t empower consumers through its voice and core values. Luckily, several brands are identifying with body positivity and prioritizing both the emotional and physical health of consumers.

“Our company abides by our slogan and vision to stay committed to making everyBODY feel better,” said Joe Freeman, CEO of MedZone. “In addition to ChafeZone for Chub Rub, we offer other skin products that help combat aches, blisters and burns, and aim to make people comfortable in their skin year-round. Body Positivity Week is a great way to honor and recognize this message, but it’s a conversation that should be ongoing.”

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