Body Positive Week Day 4- Alexis Simone

Alexis Simone

How many times have you said to yourself, “I’m going to get active and really put some effort into exercising”, only to fall prey to procrastination or worse yet insecurity about showing up at a gym to workout with dreary grey baggy sweats and an oversized tee-shirt.  You’re not alone countless women are struggling in the same way growing weary of the mundane retail selections.  So whether you are an exercise beast or a fledgeling novice, Alexis Simone Intimates has something for you. To celebrate body positivity, the plus size active wear manufacturer,  actively promotes  a philosophy based on lifestyle enhancement, confidence and self discovery.  One way the company celebrates body positivity and self discovery is its annual Mother’s Day walk,  “Meet Me At The Mountain”, a challenging group walk up the beautiful Stone Mountain, the largest exposed mass of granite in the world with a height at the summit of 1,686 ft. nestled away in the Atlanta, GA suburb of Stone Mountain.  The walk encourages participant’s camaraderie with nature and other walkers.  Throughout the walk, newbies and seasoned athletes have an opportunity to share stories and bolster each others energy and confidence to keep plugging away to reach the summit.  A lesson that is easily transferable to the participant’s personal life.

Not only does the company support body positivity through physical events, it also promotes a positive lifestyle on its website with dietary and exercise tips.  Join us as we celebrate body positivity and bring awareness to the fact that all size of bodies are respected and beautiful beings.

——Happy Body Positive Week!

Alexis Simone

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