“When Lineage opened in 2014, I had never heard of the body positive movement. I was used to making costumes for Broadway dancers of all genders, ages, shapes and sizes. There is no distinction between straight and plus sizes in theater, and I carried that ethos with me into my business.



Paying attention to how society marginalizes plus sized individuals was a huge wakeup call for me. The negativity towards larger bodies in our culture is absolutely pervasive! Thankfully, the body positive movement is spreading on a global scale, and Lineage is proud to be a member of it. We are helping transform that negativity into inclusivity, one peacock print at a time.


I realize it’s my responsibility as a business owner to reject traditional beauty standards. All bodies should be celebrated! We believe that retailers should never up charge for larger garments, relegate plus sizes to a separate section off in a corner, and be as inclusive as possible in their size range. We believe in inclusive marketing using a variety of body types.

lineageOur customers are smart, thoughtful, and bold. Our leggings are as bright as their personalities! We feel that our designs look amazing at every size. One of my favorite things about Lineage is seeing a woman who has always worn dark, solid colors to obscure the shape of her body try on a pair of our leggings. Seeing her break free of her shell, seeing the change in her face and how she carries herself- it’s amazing to watch! It’s liberation.

To some companies, they are just pants. Not to Lineage- our leggings are a force for positive change.”

Katie Pippin, owner







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