The beauty industry is competitive, and finding ways to remain on top is the key to thriving. But this means discovering creative ways to attract new customers and retain current ones. Juggling all this can feel overwhelming, and you don’t want to do the wrong thing. Read on to discover the best ways to increase sales in your salon!

Offer Gift Cards

If you already have loyal customers, why not find ways to take this one step further? By offering gift cards, you may have people come in and buy one for a regular client—it’s the perfect gift! However, some of your loyal customers may also purchase gift cards for their friends or relatives, which is free marketing.

Consider placing ready-to-purchase gift cards on the receptionist’s desk so that they’re easy to spot. Then, if it catches the client’s eye, there’s a better chance that they’ll purchase it.

Keep Booking Simple

Sometimes, calling to schedule a hair appointment wastes more time than your clients would like, and a great way to increase sales in your salon is to offer alternatives. On busy days, there may be a lot of calls to juggle, in addition to having in-shop clients to tend to. Nobody likes sitting on hold. Consider adding online booking options to your website so that customers can select a date and time for when they’ll come in.

Keep on Top of Trends

This is the beauty industry we’re talking about, and trends are always changing, which is why continued education is vital in the beauty world. Sometimes, specific colors may be in fashion, or balayage is the top style. By continuing your education, you’ll always know how to do various cut and dying styles so that you can keep every customer happy.

Sell Hair-Care Products

Although offering great services should be your bread and butter, it shouldn’t be the only thing you offer customers. You can drive up sales by selling the shampoo, conditioner, and other hair essentials you use. Everyone loves how their hair looks after visiting the salon, and using the right products makes your customers feel just as great between their appointments with you!

Check Out the Competition

Finally, you need to do some investigative work on your competition. Look at what they do to rake in and retain customers so that you can spot areas where you may need to make changes. For instance, your top competitor may emphasize online marketing, and you should do the same in the age of technology. By making the right changes, you can show more customers why your business is their top option when it comes to hair care.

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