Most people love a road trip, as the thought of exploring someplace new or going on vacation gets the adventurous senses going. However, seldom do people rave about the drive to their destination. Appearing extended when traveling with others, car rides aren’t stellar. However, it doesn’t mean you are doomed to temporary boredom. Buckle in because you’re about to explore some fun things to do during long car rides.

Watch a Movie

Popcorn anyone? What better choice to spend your time than with a favorite film? Whether you choose to bring a portable DVD player or stream movies on your phone, watching movies during a long drive keeps you awake and entertained. Add in some snacks to the equation, and you have yourself a movie-goer’s experience on the go.

Listen To Podcasts

Listening to a podcast is a fantastic option, especially when you’ve burned through your go-to playlist several times. Want some recommendations if you’re new to the podcast world? Comedy or true crime. You’ll either laugh the entire way to your destination or put your detective skills to work!

Try a New Hobby

While this option seems complicated, it isn’t! Trying out a new hobby such as quilting or cross-stitching while on a long drive is perfect for keeping you distracted from long hours on the road and keeping you focused on the task at hand.

Read a Book or Blog

You can delve into a world of imagination and creativity with a good read. You can choose to bring a new book you’ve purchased specifically for the drive or even select your favorite inspiration blog. Who knows, you might learn something new!

Edit Photos

For the influencer or budding photographer of the group, why not edit your shots on the go? There are several options you can download on your phone that produce high-quality edits so you can keep your followers updated with your travels.

Play Games On Your Phone

Oh, the many game options you’ll explore! There are tons of fantastic games you can install onto your phone to keep you busy. Just remember to bring a phone charger! For those in the back seat, you might have to carry an extended cable as well.

Who says you have to play “I Spy” to keep the fun going during a long drive? The days of on-the-go boredom are gone, and knowing what fun things to do during long car rides can save your road trip from being a snooze. Safe travels!

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